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Howdy friend,

Thanks for stopping by here on Outdoor Adventure Topics! If you're familiar with a message forum, then you know what this is - just that, a message forum. If a message forum is new to you, basically it's like a social media group that you can customize more and control things a little easier. Message forums were popular in the 90s and early 2000s but social media took them by storm and they lost a lot of traction. So, why make a message forum then? Good question! And that is control over features and settings. I love my social media groups but when changes happen that upset an entire audience, there is nothing I can do about it. We're at the mercy of the social networking coders. On this message forum, I can give you, the member, everything you want and change issues that are causing concern. I can also provide a much better strategy of privacy like promise you I won't ad advertisements that tract your every move, that's not my style!

So why should you join Outdoor Adventure Topics? Let's ponder this question:

Why should an outdoor enthusiast join the forum?
Because it's 100% made for you. Social media has to make their communities for everyone while this forum completely focuses on the outdoor community therefore all features are geared at the outdoors. Everyone here is into the outdoors so chances of making awesome new friends that share your interest, well there is a significant chance of that when you join this forum. Every feature on this forum caters to the outdoor community. Every discussion section made and almost every post is going to be all about the outdoors. This community is actually for you, the outdoors enthusiast! That's why you should join. So let's get your membership created today - click here now!

Why should an outdoor company, brand or influencer join the forum?
This forum is modernizing compared to what message forums used to be like. It was unheard of for a company of a niche to join a message forum because it was spam-like. But is it actually fair to call a company trying to be a forum member a spammer? No, it isn't. So, I'm giving you the opportunity to join this forum as a company, brand, organization or influencer of the outdoor recreation community to help build your discover, create authority and yes, so people can see your products and company. I'm not saying join to advertise. I'm saying join to join in with the community and discuss the outdoors so people see humans rather than brick and mortar. Join this community to represent your organization and make connections. Join to collaborate and find ambassadors. Join because we outdoor folks love you and want to support you. Join up and be a part of the community. So let's get your company membership created today - click here now!

Why don't you join today and let's make this forum awesome!
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