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What is the most absurd thing a motorist has told you?


New member
Jun 18, 2022
Cyclists always have one or two stories about their experiences while riding on the road. Have you had a motorist use any F-word on you while you are on the road?

Shawn Gossman

OAT Forum Administrator
Staff member
OAT Forum Administrator
OAT Forum Moderator
Dec 31, 2020
An elderly couple stopped me during an organized ride and told me that I wasn't legally allowed to ride my bike on the road.

They said I had to use the sidewalk.

I laughed and rode off, they followed and forced me to stop with their car.

The man threatened to make a citizen's arrest on me. I returned by explaining that I would disable him if I needed to. He backed off.

I really wouldn't have. I'd of just rode off.