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Proper Hiking Hydration Techniques 101

  • Staff
Are you practicing proper hiking hydration techniques while out on the trails? Do you hydrate when you should be hydrating? Hydration error counts for a lot incidents that happen on hiking trails especially during the warmer months. It is important for trail users to hydrate property to prevent injury and illness that could be the result of being dehydrated. Dehydration alone can seriously injure you but it could also indirectly injure you such as make you weak when around the edge of cliffs and you fall as a result. Don't ignore proper hiking hydration techniques when they're right there in front of you to use. In this article, I'll go over proper hiking hydration techniques more to give you a better understanding of how to keep yourself safe while on the trail.


Proper Hiking Hydration Techniques: Water or Other?​

When practicing proper hiking hydration techniques on the trail, you need to carry proper hydration supplies to being with. Plain water isn't always the answer. Water simply rehydrates you but it doesn't give you back what you've lost. Pending how much you sweat, you lose a lot of natural salt that your body produces. The salt is important for the balance of your systems. It helps to keep you strong and able to conduct physical activities. The more you lose salt, the weaker you can become. Carrying an additional (along side of water) hydration solution with electrolytes (salt) is ideal. You could either carry a sports drink like Gatorade or a powder-based form to keep away from so much sugar. Sugar is good for you at times as well. In the end, this isn't medical advice - talk to your doctor or dietician for official advice.

Proper Hiking Hydration Techniques: When to Drink?​

Generally, most people get hydration issues because they don't drink when they are supposed to. You should have drank most of your water supply by the time you are done hiking. A good practice is to take 2 full swings of your drink at least twice an hour while hiking. In the summer, your body does a great job of alerting you that you need to drink. However, in the winter, it is difficult to determine when it is time to drink because you don't sweat as much. But you can dehydrate in the winter just as much as you can in the summer as well.

Proper Hiking Hydration Techniques: Have an Emergency Plan!​

It is critical that you carry enough water with you to survive a full 24-hours if need be. Even if you plan to do a short day hike, pending where you are, accidents can happen and cause you to become injured to where you cannot travel. Being out longer mixed in with screaming for help will take it out of you. This is when you need to have plenty of hydration solution present with you. You should also carry a water filter in case you need to filter more water in the event that you use up all your resources. Just use the filter to make sure it works before venturing out with it.

Thank you for reading my article about proper hiking hydration techniques. I hope this article has informed you better. Please feel free to comment below and tell me what other things you do to stay properly hydrated while hiking!