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Outdoor Creator Showcase - Section Guidelines (Read Before Use)

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Shawn Gossman

OAT Forum Administrator
Staff member
OAT Forum Administrator
OAT Forum Moderator
Dec 31, 2020
Welcome to Outdoor Creator Resources,

This section is available for Outdoor-related creators to advertise their outdoor-related websites, YouTube channels, individual YouTube Videos, social media pages and blogs. Please make sure you follow the required guidelines when using this section:
  1. If you post affiliate links or referral links, you must identify that you are using these links and what you get if people click on them.
  2. This area is not for commercial links or products that you must pay to see or use.
  3. You may make a separate topics for each share or share them all on one post, it's up to you.
  4. Links must be to legal outdoor-related resources. No violence, drugs/alcohol/tobacco-related content or anything that violates our forum rules.
  5. Please don't post the same resources more than once or excessively bump topics.
Not open for further replies.