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Help Us Reach Our Daily Goals!

Shawn Gossman

OAT Forum Administrator
Staff member
OAT Forum Administrator
OAT Forum Moderator
Dec 31, 2020
Howdy folks,

If you've noticed the little menu on the right of your screen called Daily goals. This feature shows the progress of the daily goals on this forum. The idea of this feature it to enable the community as a whole to help keep the forum active. So each day, we have set the following very easily accomplishable daily goals:
  1. One new member registration per day
  2. Three new topics created per day
  3. Six new post replies per day
You can help us reach these daily goals by inviting new members to join, creating new topics and replying to existing topics. You're not obligated to do these things but by helping is accomplish these goals, you help us keep the community active with fresh content and members. As the forum grows, it will be a lot better to engage with others on.

Thank you for your help!