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  1. Ravenfreak

    How many pets do you own?

    How many pets do you currently own? I have a cat and my inlaws have a chihuahua, my wife and I live with my inlaws. Our cat Gizmo doesn't get along with their dog Maya though, so we have to keep them separated. He's a Maine coon and almost twice her size, yet I think he's more afraid of her...
  2. Ravenfreak

    Ever been scuba diving before?

    I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving at some point in my life. Just to be underwater and see the various sea creatures swimming around you would be very awesome to see! Plus it would be cool to try and explore underwater caverns. Have you ever been scuba diving before? If so where at and when?
  3. Ravenfreak

    Ever been ice fishing before?

    I'm curious to see if anyone here has been ice fishing before. I'm sure it's more enjoyable fishing during warmer weather, but as a person who prefers the cold to heat I can definitely enjoy ice fishing more. Of course you'd have to be careful when finding the perfect spot to ice fish, certain...
  4. Ravenfreak

    Ever encounter something odd while camping?

    I've read quite a few stories online of people experiencing odd encounters while they were camping whether it was from weird creatures or just creepy people. Have you ever experienced anything strange while camping? I've never been camping before so I unfortunately don't have any of my own...
  5. Ravenfreak

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey what's up everyone I'm Ravenfreak, I'm a 32 year old guy who enjoys posting on forums, watching anime/cartoons, listening to music and just chilling. Chances are you may have seen me on other communities, I use this username almost everywhere. It's nice to meet you all!