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    How long until your feet hurt?

    I do hike close to 9 miles before I start feeling some discomfort on the feet. Hiking is an endurance exercise and I see these challenges as part of it. So, I do hike for 12 miles, most times!
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    Open water swimming

    I've got no time to swim. I think it's unfortunate that I can't even swim in a pool or ocean, even when I wish to. So, this is the kind of thing I may not experience unless I put interest in learning how to swim.
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    Any summer vacations planned for this year?

    Have no plans yet apart from going for the FIFA World Cup in November. That is an experience I want to feel since I've never been to the World Cup event in my life.
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    Do you go on organized bike rides?

    Attended one in my city in April and the experience was worth it. You get to meet folks that enjoy cycling too and getting to speak with them is always nice as you get to learn one or two things.
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    Have you ever been hit by a car on your bike?

    I've had a clash once that left my right knee badly injured. Stayed for more than 4 weeks in the hospital. Terrible experience and yes, the driver got charged for driving recklessly.
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    Do you ride with all the bikes you have?

    This question is for many of us that have got more than one bike, possibly some vintage collection. Do you make use of them often or stick to one on a weekly basis?
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    What is the most absurd thing a motorist has told you?

    Cyclists always have one or two stories about their experiences while riding on the road. Have you had a motorist use any F-word on you while you are on the road?
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    Have you ever forgot water?

    I've had one funny experience where my fiance forgot it and I didn't know till we are very far from home. We couldn't even go back and had to get one from the supermarket around. Since then, we always make plans in the night before the day we go hiking.
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    Any new hobbies lately?

    I have found love with reading scientific literature. I read those books whenever I am less busy to understand more on science.
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    Have you gotten injured at the gym?

    Last time at the gym (3 days ago) didn't end well for one of the new members there as he got a knee injury while trying to lift an 80 lift. Have you ever sprained an ankle or something while at the gym?
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    Would you bikepack?

    Sure! I will certainly go for bikepacking. That will give me a different experience from just cycling short distances as bike packing helps me cover a longer terrain.
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    Feels Good here.

    Hello, Great members here. My name is Barida and I am excited to be part of this great community. I want to appreciate the forum owner and the moderators for building an exciting community like this.