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    Canoeing or Kayaking.

    What water sport would be easier for a beginner to pick up between Canoeing or Kayaking. Is canoeing easier than kayaking or would you rate them about the same in terms of difficulty level, cost of equipment, and so on? Are there things I should pay particular attention to if I were to take up...
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    Sand Surfing anyone?

    Sand surfing, also known as sandboarding, requires balance like surfing, skateboarding, and other board sports. Has anyone here ever tried it? Does it require a special type of clothing as I would imagine the hot sand wouldn’t feel good on the skin? What places have you gone to sand surf?
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    Storm safety

    We had a fast and furious storm recently that caused a massive power outage and plenty of damage. Thankfully I was not out walking and stayed safe. Even though I know the rules like getting off the high ground, getting to a low-lying open space, squatting/crouching near thick growths, etc, I...
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    Used hiking gear

    I wouldn't buy used hiking gear. Simply because I can't gauge the degree of use and wear on it. It might still look good but have been used or stored incorrectly.
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    Have you ever experienced driver road rage?

    I have never encountered driver road rage. but if I did, I would probably ignore them and keep riding or get out of their way where possible. Better safe than sorry.
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    Glamping VS Camping

    I only recently heard the word glamping. It is supposed to be a 'form' of camping that brings amenities to the outdoors. But I think that defeats the whole purpose of being out in nature and experiencing the outdoors. It would take away from the experience in my opinion. Have you ever been glamping?
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    Have you ever forgot water?

    I always pack my water and drinks first before anything else. But if that ever happened and I forgot my water, I would turn back right away (hoping I discovered it before I had gone too far!) Dehydration on the trail would be a terrible thing.
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    What type of hiking trails do you prefer?

    I like out and back trails the best. Easy trails are a great fun activity that the whole family can do together and everyone enjoys.
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    How do you Leave No Trace?

    -Camping on the open durable ground instead of trampling existing vegetation. -Traveling along already existing trails. -And of course, picking up and taking back with you everything you bring(reusable is better)
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    Ever been ice fishing before?

    No, I have never been ice fishing. I have seen it done and it looks like lots of fun. My main reason for not trying it is a fear of the ice cracking and falling in(even though I know that's not likely ever going to happen).
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    Hiking Injuries

    I haven't done much hiking, but for sure it would be good to know some first aid. I am also curious to know when hiking deep in the woods what to do in an emergency if I am injured and lose cell service.
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    Ear buds...

    It would depend on where I am riding. I wouldn't wear earbuds while out riding on the street. I would while on the trail but put the volume low as there are fewer hazards to be mindful of.