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Outdoor Adventure Topics - Official Forum Guidelines

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Shawn Gossman

OAT Forum Administrator
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OAT Forum Administrator
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Dec 31, 2020
Welcome to the Outdoor Adventure Topics Forum, a free message forum community all about outdoor recreation and adventures! The following information reflects our Official Forum Guidelines that all members must abide by at all times. By being a member of this message forum, you agree to be bound by these Official Forum Guidelines below, which may be modified at will. If you do not agree to these Official Forum Guidelines then you are not allowed to use this message forum under any circumstances.

5 Simple Rules
The following 5 rules are it! Abide by these simple 5 rules and you’ll love being a member of this community. Break these rules and it isn’t going to be a good time for you…

  1. Don’t spam - if you join this forum to advertise or conduct commercial activity without the direct permission of the owner (Shawn Gossman), then you’ll get banned, for life, without the ability to appeal! This is not a promotion forum...
  2. No illegal anything, period. If it is illegal in the United States (where this forum resides) or against international ethics, then it is never welcome here. This includes crimes against privacy, trademark and computer fraud.
  3. This is not an adult forum! Don’t treat it as an adult forum with adult-rated content, extreme or unneeded forms of profanity and junk like that! You do have to be at least 13 years of age or older to be a member, though…
  4. Irrelevant controversial and off-topic discussions are NOT ALLOWED here. This includes religious debates, anything politics, deranged conspiracy theories and anti-outdoor recreation topics. Please stay on topic to avoid getting the boot!
  5. Bullying isn’t welcome. This includes hate/bigotry, threats, abuse, YELLING, bashing, stalking, etc.

Our Staff Watches…
Being a staff member here is an honor. It means you’re trustworthy enough to rule with an iron fist. All staff members have the ability to moderate/edit all posts, suspend member privileges and temporarily to even permanently ban members. Staff members also get to use their discretion when it comes to when they need to take action. Remember that!

Privacy Policy
The short version is that Outdoor Adventure Topics Forum isn’t social media, this means no advertising activities that are so creepy that it feels like it is reading your mind. No ads sold here have behavioral tracking abilities. We don’t violate your information privacy and we give you plenty of options to protect your privacy, account and even delete it if you feel the need to. Click here for the full version of our Official Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here are some answers to those burning questions you might have…

  1. Who made Outdoor Adventure Topics Forum? This forum was created by Shawn Gossman, founder and host of Hiking with Shawn on YouTube and other social networking sites. Shawn is heavily involved in the hiking community mainly around the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois.
  2. How can I become a staff member on this forum? Staff membership is by invitation only. In order to even come close to getting on our radar for being staff - you need to be active, helpful, respectful and have a positive account. Asking to be staff is a good way not to be asked to become staff.
  3. Can I buy advertising on this forum? Yes. You can. But it isn’t like social media - there are no targeting abilities. It is too creepy. Ads are simple, fixed prices, displayed in certain areas, that’s it. But we make sure they’re affordable.
  4. I have another question? Okay - join the forum and ask!

Thanks for reading this official policy. Any policies that conflict with this policy are void. We may change this and other policies at any time without notice but most of the time, we will issue a notice!

Last Updated: 12/19/2021
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